I’m Thinking About Buying My Next Motorcycle Helmet From Moto1

I’m seriously considering buying my next motorcycle helmet from Moto1. My current helmet is still perfectly safe and usable, but it’s really old. It’s actually the first helmet I had back in college, and to be truthful, I had a lot more hair back in those days, both because I grew it a lot longer and there were still more strands growing out of my head back then. It just doesn’t fit the same anymore, and it actually doesn’t even match my current bike.

I’ve been spending a lot of time online looking for a new motorcycle helmet, and I’m pretty sure that I’m going to get it through Moto1 because my constant surfing keeps bringing me back to their website. Anytime I find a webpage that has a helmet or a selection I like, I bookmark it in a folder in my browser. I was recently scrolling over the links in my folder, and noticed that I had three different links all from Moto1. So, if they’ve caught my subconscious attention multiple times enough for me to bookmark them, then that site is probably where I need to be making my final decision and spending my money.

That’s where my search for a motorcycle helmet has become both a blessing and a curse. I like how many different helmets there are at this website, but I also hate how many different helmets there are at this website! Okay, I admit that particular con or negative is actually not a reflection of them, but of my own indecision.

They have an entire page dedicated not just to helmets, but specifically to adventure helmets. Another one exists for full face helmets, and then yet another for open or flip face helmets. These three pages are all on top of the helmet accessories category.

Personally, I’m leaning towards one of the full face helmets. I used to enjoy the wind in my face and hair, but like I said earlier, I don’t have that much hair anymore. As for my face, I have to wear glasses or contacts these days, and so moisture, dust, and bugs flying into me at high speed is not only annoying, but a little dangerous. While I will ride motorcycles as long as I am able, I do so a bit more carefully then I used to, so that I can have many years left with my wife and to set a good example for my kids.

So, the safety ratings and protective features that are illustrated in the descriptions of the motorcycle helmets for sale through this site are of particular importance to me. I’m glad there’s actual concrete content here and not just words trying to get me excited about how cool they look. Not that I want a bad looking helmet, but I have yet to see one of those on this site.

In the end, I might actually just let my wife pick one for me. She wants mine to at least sort of match hers when she rides with me.